Kotlin language

kotlin statically typed language for modern multiplatform applications. It is developed by a team of JetBrains and first appeared in 2011. It is designed to be an industrial strength object-oriented programming language, better than Java, and fully interoperable with Java code so that users can migrate gradually from Java to Kotlin.

Along with the methods and classes of object-oriented approach, Kotlin supports procedural programming with the use of functions. It also supports Linux and Perl shell script style string interpolation and Type interface.

The language is used by Pinterest, Square, Trello, Amazon Web Services, Uber, and Corda has over more than 90% Kotlin in its codebase.

Kotlin features infix notation, null-point safety, and extension functions. In Google I/o 2017, Kotlin was announced as an official Android development platform. It became the third language fully compatible for Android after C++ and Java.